Aggregate Hauling

This online Aggregate Hauling Equipment Training course is designed to introduce learners to the different types of aggregate hauling equipment and safety practices for operating, loading, and unloading.

Course Overview

As an operator of aggregate hauling equipment, it, crucial that you understand your equipment, how to safely operate it, and the safe procedures for loading and unloading the materials you're hauling. This online course is designed to introduce you to the types of aggregate hauling equipment as well as the safety practices for operating the equipment and loading and unloading materials.

This course covers theory only. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be emailed a competency evaluation form that your employer can use to evaluate your practical skills.

Course Topics

  • Aggregate definitions and types
  • Aggregate hauler configurations
  • Vehicle inspection station requirements
  • Legislation to be aware of as a driver
  • Hazards common to hauling aggregate and operating heavy machinery
  • Strategies for combatting fatigue, stress, impairment, and distracted driving
  • Trip inspections
  • The contents of a journey management plan
  • Hydraulic and air systems
  • Loading and unloading aggregate