Change Management

This online Leading Through Change course will show you how to implement change positively and successfully and avoid the mistakes that cause change initiatives to fail.

Course Overview

Why is knowing how to lead others through change so important? When organizations attempt to change, they need effective leaders who can guide others through the change. Otherwise, organizations often fail to live up to their potential.

There are many reasons why change initiatives fail more often than they succeed. This course will show you how to avoid those mistakes and implement change positively and successfully. After you've completed this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the stages in the normal cycle of change
  • Identify typical responses to change and how to handle each type
  • List ways to overcome resistance
  • Describe the process to implement change strategies
  • Recognize the elements of effective change communications

Course Topics

  • The change cycle
  • Typical change responses
  • Leading change
  • Implementing change strategies
  • Communicating and anchoring change
  • Case studies