Confined Space Entry Awareness

This online Confined Space Entry Awareness course is designed to provide you with basic knowledge and training regarding confined and restricted spaces and their associated hazards.

Course Overview

Confined and restricted spaces pose a risk to your health and safety. Therefore, it, important that you recognize confined and restricted spaces at the work site and identify the hazards associated with them. You also need to understand the methods for assessing, eliminating, controlling, and monitoring those hazards. This course provides knowledge and training that will help you stay safe if entering or working around confined or restricted spaces.

Course Topics

  • Definitions of confined and restricted spaces
  • Common confined and restricted space hazards
  • Procedures for assessment, testing, elimination, and control of hazards
  • PPE requirements for confined space entry
  • Permits, logs, communication systems, and emergency response plans for confined space entry
  • Employer, worker, and monitor responsibilities related to confined spaces