Crane Operator Safety

Take this crane safety training course to learn some basic information about safe crane operating procedures. This course provides safety information that supplements crane operator training.

Course Overview

About 250,000 people operate cranes daily and have to deal with the risks involved. Individuals may already be aware of the proper operating techniques associated with cranes, but it may sometimes be easy to forget to implement them in their daily routine. This overhead crane safety training course stresses crane operator safety in the work environment. Upon successful completion of this OSHA overhead crane training course you will receive a crane safety certificate.

Course Topics

  • Worksite Preparation
  • Setup and Operation
  • Special Operations
  • Safety and Response
  • Conditions Affecting Operations

By the end of this course, an understanding will be gained of:

  • Facts associated with crane-related injuries
  • How to safely establish a work site
  • Proper crane setup procedures
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Conditions affecting operations