Crane Operator Safety

This online crane safety training course covers all of the basic information about crane safety and proper operating procedures.

Course Overview

Hundreds of thousands of cranes are operated daily. It is important to implement safe operating procedures into each individual working with a crane because one mistake can become very costly. Crane operators should not only have the knowledge of how to safely use a crane but should also be actively implementing these practices. This overhead crane safety training course highlights the importance of crane operator safety. After completing this OSHA overhead crane training course you will be awarded a crane safety certificate.

Course Topics

  • Worksite Preparation
  • Setup and Operation
  • Special Operations
  • Safety and Response
  • Conditions Affecting Operations

By the end of this course, an understanding will be gained of:

  • Facts associated with crane-related injuries
  • How to safely establish a work site
  • Proper crane setup procedures
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Conditions affecting operations