Crystalline Silica Awareness

Taking this crystalline silica awareness course will teach you about crystalline silica, where it is found, how to be proactive in avoiding it, and what to do if you are exposed.

Course Overview

Crystalline silica is a dangerous mineral that is found in many materials we use for construction. Breathing in crystalline silica is harmful and cause lasting damage. To protect your health and safety, it is advised that you take crystalline silica awareness training especially when working with it. In this crystalline silica awareness online course, you'll learn what crystalline silica is, where it is found, preventative measures to avoid exposure and safety steps if you become exposed to it. This crystalline silica hazard awareness course is intended for anyone who works with or around crystalline silica.

Course Topics

  • What is crystalline silica and where can you find it?
  • Recognize the health effects and symptoms of crystalline silica exposure and the steps you can take to prevent them.
  • Recognize materials that cause crystalline silica to be present.
  • Identify ways to protect yourself when working with crystalline silica.
  • Know appropriate first aid measures for dealing with crystalline silica exposure.