Diversity and Discrimination for Employees

Teaches employees about discrimination laws and embracing diversity.

Course Overview

Teaches employees about discrimination laws and embracing diversity.

Training all employees to prevent workplace discrimination and harassment is nothing less than essential. Not only can workplace discrimination and harassment affect employee productivity, it can divert resources from the organisation's real business. Improper conduct can also lead to liability for the organisation and/or individual employees for workplace discrimination and harassment.

Course Topics

  • Define diversity, inclusion, discrimination, adverse action, and protected class.
  • Describe benefits and challenges of having a diverse workplace.
  • Identify the two main types of discrimination.
  • Identify the organization that enforces most anti-discrimination laws.
  • Explain how anti-discrimination laws apply.
  • Explain how claims of discrimination are investigated.
  • Explain how retaliation can occur.
  • Explain how the EEOC and states enforce anti-discrimination laws.
  • Identify the protected classes.
  • Identify other types of discrimination that are not enforced by the EEOC.


    Diversity & Discrimination for Employees

    • What diversity means.
    • Benefits and challenges of a diverse workforce.
    • How discrimination happens.
    • What circumstances can lead to a charge of discrimination.
    • Who is covered by "protected classes".
    • Other types of discrimination.