Hours of Service

This online course is designed to provide an overview of Canada, Federal Hours of Service regulations and enable an understanding of the legislation.

Course Overview

This online Commercial Vehicle Drivers' Hours of Service course covers Canada, Federal Hours of Service regulations. It is intended to help drivers and carriers understand and increase their compliance with the regulations. Taking this provincial hours of service course promotes compliance and understanding which creates safer roads for everyone.

Course Topics

  • The history of Federal Hours of Service legislation
  • The human body clock and fatigue
  • When driving is prohibited
  • Which vehicles the regulations apply to and which are exempt
  • Logbooks and daily duty status categories
  • On-duty limits and off-duty requirements
  • Sleeper berth requirements
  • Cycles, cycle limits, cycle resets, and cycle switching
  • Special permits for various vehicles
  • Exemptions for emergencies or adverse driving conditions
  • Out-of-service declarations
  • Inspections