ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air


Throughout this online Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air course, you will learn about the regulations and procedures for packaging and preparing documentation required to transport dangerous goods by air.

Course Overview

This ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air online course was created for individuals who are required to package, prepare documentation, and ship dangerous goods. ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air is an entry-level course tailored to those individuals who are new to the regulations related to shipping dangerous goods, specifically by air.

In order to finish this training, you will first need the IATA dangerous goods regulations.

Course Topics

  • Overview of the federal and international regulations (ICAO/IATA)
  • Use of the IATA book
  • Operator and state variations
  • Classification of dangerous goods according to IATA (ICAO)
  • Using the dangerous goods list
  • General packaging requirements
  • UN specification packaging
  • Selecting a packing instruction
  • Understanding packaging instructions for cargo or passenger aircraft
  • Overpacks
  • Marking and labeling
  • Shipping documents
  • Overview of placard requirements
  • Segregation of dangerous goods
  • Accidental releases and reporting
  • Limitations and exceptions
  • Security awareness