Intoxicants and Driving Awareness

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with a better understanding of the law surrounding intoxicants and driving.

Course Overview

Distracted driving happens when your full attention is not on the road or when your attention is diverted away from activities critical for safe driving by a competing activity.

This course is designed to help users become safer drivers by educating them about the dangers of distracted driving. It will inform participants about what constitutes distracted driving, why it is dangerous, and what the law states. It will also show users how they can avoid distracted driving so they can be safer on the roads.

Course Topics

  • What constitutes impaired driving.
  • How police test for impaired drivers.
  • Federal laws surrounding impaired driving.
  • Impaired driving laws in British Columbia.
  • Federal and provincial penalties for impaired driving.
  • Strategies to avoid driving while impaired.