Lithium Battery Safety

The online Lithium Battery Safety course addresses the unique dangers lithium anode batteries present to workers servicing and repairing industrial equipment.

Course Overview

The use of lithium ion batteries is rapidly expanding in both domestic and international segments of the directional surveying, logging, and oil drilling industries.

The increased prevalence of this power source and industry demands for higher standards of energy output have led to increased incident and severity rates among service providers. Education in the safe use of lithium batteries is of paramount importance to the health and safety of personnel working with or who could potentially be affected by the use of lithium batteries.

Course Topics

  • History of the battery
  • Oil industry uses
  • Main suppliers
  • Cell components and material used
  • Cell design
  • Inherent properties of lithium metal
  • Environmental considerations for storage
  • MSDS sheets
  • Proper handling requirements
  • Storage of damaged batteries
  • Failure modes of lithium batteries
  • Cell types
  • Advantages of lithium batteries
  • General dangers
  • Effects of lithium battery exposure
  • Short term exposure limits