Lockout Tagout Training (LOTO)

Throughout this online Lockout/Tagout Training course you will learn what LOTO is and when to use it, what the dangers of hazardous energy are, and the basic steps to perform LOTO.

Course Overview

The purpose of Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is to minimize the risk of accidentally releasing hazardous energy. In order for maintenance or servicing to begin, hazardous energy must be isolated or rendered inoperative. Doing this will prevent the potential for a devastating injury or death from unexpected energization. There are four components to this Lockout/Tagout Training course:

  • Chapter 1: LOTO Roles and Responsibilities
  • Chapter 2: Hazardous Forms of Energy
  • Chapter 3: Developing LOTO Procedures, and
  • Chapter 4: Locking Out and Tagging Out Equipment
After completing this course, you will be required to do a final exam to test your knowledge.

Course Topics

By the end of this Lockout online course, you should be able to:
  • Explain the purpose of LOTO and when it should be used
  • Describe the differences between primary and stored forms of energy
  • Provide examples of LOTO devices, and
  • Describe the basic steps of performing LOTO