Positive Air Shutdown Systems

This online training course provides instruction on the basic operation of Positive Air Shutdown (PAS) systems to commercial vehicle operators. This training is crucial for ensuring an operator's safety while on the job.

Course Overview

A truck's Positive Air Shutdown (PAS) system is one of it's most important safety features, and they are now federally required on any trucks involved in the transportation of certain classes of dangerous goods. However, despite this, many operators do not know the basics regarding the operation and testing of their PAS systems.

This online course is designed to familiarize commercial vehicle operators with this crucial safety device by explaining the functionality of Positive Air Shutdown systems, as well as the basic steps required to properly test their operational status. Training in these areas is crucial for ensuring a truck's PAS system is in fully-functioning condition, and can therefore properly protect an operator in the event of an emergency.

Course Topics

  • The hazards associated with operating a diesel engine in areas with potentially flammable atmospheres
  • The basic components of a Positive Air Shutdown system
  • The Canadian federally-legislated requirements surrounding the use of Positive Air Shutdown systems
  • The basic functions of Positive Air Shutdown systems, and how properly-installed systems protect you from hazards
  • The key differences between manual and automatic systems, and why automatic systems are preferred
  • The reasons why regularly testing Positive Air Shutdown systems is so important
  • The basic steps required to properly test both manual and automatic Positive Air Shutdown systems