Scissor Lifts for Construction

This online course introduces workers to scissor lifts, makes them aware of the hazards associated with these lifts, and gives them the information they need to work safely using a scissor lift or working near one.

Course Overview

Scissor lifts are work platforms used to safely move workers vertically and to different locations in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, and construction. Due to their versatility, they provide convenience to employees by eliminating the additional need of scaffolding or ladders to perform common tasks.

Scissor lift safety is critical and depends on considering equipment capabilities, limitations and safe work practices. Over a one-year period, OSHA investigated 10 preventable fatalities and more than 20 preventable injuries resulting from a variety of incidents involving scissor lifts. OSHA's investigations found that most of these injuries and fatalities were the result of employers not addressing fall protection, stabilization, and positioning.

This course is designed to familiarize you with the different types of hazards related to scissor lifts, as well as help you understand what preventive measures you can take to stay safe while operating or working near them.

Course Topics

  • Types of scissor lifts and the training needed to operate them
  • Hazards associated with using scissor lifts
  • "Pre-start" and "work site" inspections
  • Setting up, operating, and moving a scissor lift
  • Working on the ground near a scissor lift
  • Fall Protection