Traffic Control (Flagger)

This online Traffic Control (Flagger) course is designed to teach those in traffic control operations the importance of proper work methods, positioning, and signals/signs.

Course Overview

Upon successful completion of this course, you should understand:

  • The importance of proper work methods, physical fitness, professionalism, and clothing regulations.
  • The signs, barriers, flags, STOP/SLOW paddle, and lights employees use at the work site.
  • Where to position himself/herself for optimum safety, how to judge traffic speed and congestion, and regulate it accordingly.
  • Common methods to communicate with other flaggers and the public.
  • The various types of warning signs, channeling devices, and tapers and how they are set up.
  • The special equipment and precautions associated with night and freeway flagging.

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • General Guidelines
  • Barriers, Signs, and Lights
  • Regulating Traffic
  • Flagger Communication
  • Setting Up
  • Special Cases