Updated National Safety Code Standard 11 – Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections
NSC 11 on Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections (PMVI) is the result of a memorandum of understanding signed by all Ministers of Transport in September 1991 to ensure the mechanical fitness of commercial vehicles on the road and promote highway safety. Some 1.8 million vehicles are subject to PMVIs across the country. The standard calls for annual inspections of trucks, tractors and trailers and semi-annual inspections of buses designed to ensure a vehicle’s continued safe operating condition. Inspections are conducted at government-licensed facilities.
The updated PMVI was identified as a CCMTA priority project in late 2011, when government representatives and industry stakeholders submitted that the standard needed to be refreshed to reflect current manufacturing standards and evolving vehicle technology. Technical review got under way in spring 2012 and has now wrapped up following two years of extensive collaboration between government and industry. The last update was published in January 2006.


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