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All requests for Motor Vehicle Information are subject to strict Alberta legislation governing its release.  For detailed information, please see the Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation (AMVIR) on the AMVIR section of the website.

Driver’s abstract means a family of motor vehicle information products released by the Registrar under Section 5 of AMVIR.  Currently, the Registrar may release the following driver’s abstract information products:

  • 3, 5, 10 Year printed Driver Abstract;
  • 3 Year electronic Driver Abstract;
  • 3, 5, 10 Year printed Commercial Driver Abstract.

The preferred release channel for driver’s abstracts is through an Alberta registry agent.

Driver Abstract (SDA)

The Driver Abstract (often referred as Standard Driver Abstract (SDA) may be released to the driver or to a party having a valid purpose in legislation.  A Driver Abstract provides the current status of an operator’s license and lists conviction information, any applicable demerit points, and suspensions.  However, the Driver Abstract is neither the confirmation of the individual’s driving experience nor the confirmation of the date first licensed.

The Driver Abstract confirms information from an individual’s driving record that includes: name, address, date of birth, height, weight, sex, MVID number, operator license number and issue date, expiration date, class, current demerit points, suspended status, reinstatement conditions (if any) and the list of violations (descriptions, demerit/merit points, and suspension term).

The Driver Abstract is released through Alberta registry agents as 3, 5 or 10 year printed reports.  

Commercial Driver Abstract (CDA)

At the request of the commercial carrier industry, Alberta Transportation and Service Alberta have developed a new driver’s abstract report.  The Commercial Driver Abstract (CDA) enhances the employer’s ability to assess safety risks associated with a driver prior to hiring.

The CDA adds information related to instances of Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections to information from an individual’s driving record that is normally embedded in the Driver Abstract.  However, unlike the Driver Abstract, the CDA does not include driver’s height, weight, sex, and date of birth information.  The CDA may be released through Alberta registry agents, as 3 year printed reports, to the driver and to those parties identified in Registrar’s Decisions: Notification 01/2011. Further, the Registrar’s Decisions: Notifications 01/2012 notifies the public about the release of 5 and 10 year CDAs.  Additional information about the CDA is available on the Alberta Transportation website.

Requesting a Copy of Your Abstract in the Office of a Registry Agent

You may request printed copies of your own driver’s abstract in person, in the office of any valid Alberta registry agent. You have to present acceptable photo identification and complete the Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information (REG 3394) form (pdf) by checking the appropriate box indicating the type of driver’s abstract you require and signing and dating the form in front of the registry agent clerk.

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