Preventing Back Injury

Have you ever had a sharp pain in your back? In addition to being painful, back ailments can be debilitating and may prevent you from working. This course helps you understand how the back works and what you can do to prevent back injuries.

Course Overview

Lifting is a common task in many workplaces. In the beginning, lifting may not hurt much. Pain often grows gradually. Once the pain is severe enough many people end up seeing a doctor. Once a back is injured, it is easy to re-injure it. By lifting the same way every day, workers can form good habits and avoid back injuries.

This online Preventing Back Injury course explains how the back works and what can be done to prevent back injuries. After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of how the back works, the most common types of back injuries, the risk factors that increase your chances of sustaining a back injury, the common causes of back injuries, the best ways to prevent a back injury, and the steps that should be taken if a back injury occurs.

Course Topics

  • How the back works
  • Types of back injuries
  • Aging and disease
  • Physical conditions affecting risk
  • Physical stress and posture
  • Overexertion and improper lifting
  • Steps for proper lifting
  • Using lifting equipment
  • Personal prevention strategies