Weights and Dimensions

In this course, you will learn about the importance of weight and dimension limits and how to follow these limits. This course serves as a basic guideline for commercial drivers in need of weight and dimension training.

Course Overview

Driving laws are created to keep motorists safe and prevent damage to roadways and other structures. Commercial vehicle drivers are required to understand and follow their province's transportation laws. This Alberta Commercial Vehicle Weights and Dimensions course serves as a guideline for understanding how to adhere to weight and dimensions limits. In this weight and dimensions Alberta online training course you will learn about different roads, how weight affects a vehicle, road bans and road safety.

Course Topics

  • Factors that influence commercial vehicle weight allowances
  • The legal load limit, required safety measures, and related exemptions
  • Factors that determine the maximum allowable length for a vehicle and load
  • The difference between primary highways and local roadways
  • Road bans and their impact on you
  • Conditions under which an over-dimensional permit must be obtained and used